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Home of the Master Angler

Pike – Walleye – Sauger – Lake Trout – Rainbow and Brook Trout – Burbot

Spring, Summer, Fall

From the moment the ice leaves, we have an open water fishing opportunity waiting for you. Each season has its own unique benefits and advantages, whether spring, summer or fall.  If you like to sight fish giant pike in the shallows or pitching plastics into bays for walleyes, then early spring is what you are looking for.  If you like to jig, bottom bounce,  pull crank baits or sharpshoot Rapala Jigging Raps for walleye then we have you covered right from early spring through fall.  Or if you love casting and trolling for trout we have early ice out, summer, and fall options available!  No matter the season or the technique you love, we have action packed memories waiting for you!

Drive-In Fishing Lodge

Our area in Northern Manitoba is known as the “The Land Of The Giants” for a reason. Every year, hundreds of Trophy Fish get entered into Manitoba’s Master Angler Program. For Anglers looking for a northern Drive-to and trophy fishery, look no further! For those wanting a quantity or a multi-species adventure with the choice of lakes nearby that hold very healthy populations or fish, this is the destination you have been looking for. For more information on Manitoba’s Master Angler Program, or to check out the record book, visit

We Promote Catch and Release

Genetics and Regulations = Fish of a Lifetime

Our lakes have boasted some of the largest of our species recorded for all of Manitoba, and that does not come by coincidence. Our genetics in our fishery have stayed world class, and partnered with sustainable regulations, our fishery has stayed strong ad true to the testament of “The Land of The Giants”. In fact, the whole province of Manitoba now follows what our regulations have been for more then 2 decades! Under the new regulations province wide, the limit of walleye is 4 under 55 cm (21.5”), 1 lake trout under 65 cm (25.5”), and 4 northern pike under 75 cm (29.5”).

The new regulations can be found at this link.

Fishing Licenses are now also available online.

Enjoy a Choice of Lakes

Like to explore or find new water to fish? With a number of lakes available for you to access, your option of finding new water to fish will take more than a lifetime! Big boats are no problem as our lakes have quality launches and parking.

Tramping Lake

(Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout, Whitefish, Perch, Burbot)

Tramping Lake- Our Homebase lake with our docks. This lake is all about quality! This lake offers many chances at those fish of a lifetime!

Wekusko Lake

(Pike, Walleye, Sauger, Perch, Whitefish, Burbot)

With multiple launches just across the road, access is fast and easy to a lake that has both high numbers and big fish! It is also Manitoba’s #1 lake for Master Angler Sauger!

Reed Lake

(Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout, Burbot, Whitefish, Perch)

A short 35 minute highway drive gets you to the launch of Reed Lake. As a giant deep lake littered with islands and reefs, fish stocks are great and home to some giant fish.

Kormans Lake

(Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout)

A short drive and even shorter hike gets you to this stocked trout lake. We have a small boat cached here for our guests to use to try and land aggressive aggressive Brook Trout or jumping Rainbow Trout!

Snow Lake

(Pike, Walleye, Perch, Whitefish, Burbot)

Located near town, the launch for this lake is 10 minutes away. This lake is known for numbers of walleye, as well as some Jumbo Perch

Filleting Shack

Plan to take some fish home to eat? Process your catch in our new processing shack that boasts cutting board table top, LED lighting, vented windows, air conditioning, sharpener, power for electric knives, triple bay sink, and even cup holders.

Boat & Canoe Rentals

Boat Rentals

We have 16’ ad 18’ rentals, and shuttle to Wekusko or Tramping for free.

Whisper quiet 4-stroke outboard motor, depth finder, anchor, paddles, swivel seats, fishing net, measuring board and enough life jackets to outfit the entire crew.

16’ are $135/day + fuel
18’ are $145/day + fuel
4 hours or less are $85/day + fuel

Canoe Rentals

Canoes are $30/day; free for all cabin rentals.