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Explore The Local Region

Plenty of great distractions for the entire family!

Explore The Town & The Snow Lake Region
A beautiful 15 minute drive north from the lodge along a scenic winding road cut cut from the forest brings you to the town of Snow Lake, (population:700) a quaint lakeside town offering great shopping, dining and entertainment.

We’re lucky to have a choice in beaches in the region. One beach ican be found at the family recreation area in the town of Snow Lake and another is available at the provincial park.

Snow Lake Mining Museum
The town of Snow Lake proudly boasts a great museum dedicated to the regions history and its thriving mining industry. A must see!

Wekusko Falls Provincial Park
Accessible by car with a park pass, Wekusko Falls Provincial Park features some great playgrounds, swinging bridges and and excellent beach. They also host several special events throughout the year.

Wekusko Falls Hiking Trail

Follow the falls down to the lower lake crossing multiple swinging bridges on this trail as it slopes towards the lower lake.


Make Wekusko Falls Lodge your base for accessing Trail 47 of the Snowman trails. The groomed backcountry trails boast multiple warm up shacks and plenty of access shoreline powder.

Rock Climbing

The Canadian Shield is one big rock and the region offers plenty of great climbs, like Herb Lake Landing which offers great trails and great climbing to access a few small caves.


Enjoy a round of golf at the Snow Lake Regional Golf Course


Explore the vast array of trails that meander through the Provincial Park or blaze new trails through the forest.

On Tramping Lake

Native Petroglyph Tours

Located on a rock face along the shores of Tramping Lake and accessible only by boat, the Native Petroglyphs on Tramping Lake are estimated to be somewhere between 12 and 1500 years old. These ancient paintings grant a peek into life in the region generations before Europeans migrated into the area.

1 hour (approx.) guided tour: $300.00 (1-4 guests)

A real ghost town on wekusko lake

Ghost Town Tours

Enjoy a guided boat tour to Herb Town, an abandoned mining town on the shores of Wekusko Lake that is slowly being reclaimed by the forest. Weather dependent.

2.25 hour (approx.) guided tour: $300.00 (1 -4 guests)