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Bear & Wolf Hunting Lodges

Outfitting & Guiding Services

Canadian Black Bear Hunting

Are you looking for a bear hunting experience that is safe, heart pounding, adventurous, and adrenaline filled? Then this is your place. With a hunting area of 1200 square mileswe don’t just have bears, we have lots of bears and big bears! It’s a black bear hunting experience that you won’t forget!

Over 40 Time Proven Bait Sites

“If I wouldn’t hunt it, I don’t expect you to” is the motto we stand behind. We have done our homework and put in the time and effort into establishing over 40 baits that have produced consistent bear activity. We strategically cover our 1200 square mile hunting area, using both boats and atv’s to access these baits. Using a variety of food and attractants that our bears can’t resist, you are assured that these hot baits will not only be active, but stay active. With no more than 9 hunters a week and a total of 24 spring hunters, there is always a chance at a trophy back bear.

Rifle, Muzzleloader, Crossbow, Archery

No matter what you prefer to hunt with, we have a set up for you that is both safe and comfortable. Not only have our bait locations been time proven, but so are our tree stand and blind locations. The average stand set up is 20-30 yards, with some longer range setups at 75 yards. Majority of our tree stands are 2 man ladder stands, making your sit comfortable with room for both you and your gear. In areas where trees are still small from previous forest fires, we use tripod stands with sling seats. If there weren’t so many bears around, you might find yourself falling asleep in these. And for those hunters with physical challenges or for those wanting an intense encounter, we have steel bear-proofed blinds at select bait sites. No matter what you want to hunt with, we will make it happen!

It's Our Genetics

Every area has different genetics, and many hunters ask what our area produces.

Color Phase

Color Phase is always present but is different each year. On average, we run 20% color, and 15% v-patch, with chocolate as our prevalent color phase.

260lb Average

When it comes to size, our average bear is 260 lbs (this is verified scale weights). Our bears rarely have large fat reserves since they hibernate for 7 months, which brings their overall weights down. A typical 250 lb bear here will measure out 6 feet long (nose to tail). We also have very large skulls here, with one Boone and Crockett black bear weighing in at only 240 lbs!

400+ Giant’s Lurking

We do have legitimate giant black bears.  Our largest black bears know where the best food sources are and always have the fat reserve to push them into that next level of big.  We have harvested multiple bears over 400 lb,  but what’s more astonishing is the number of 7’0 black bears we have laid a tape to.  When a black bear measures over 7 foot from the nose to tail, you truly see just how big these brutes can get.  This is not only a testament to the genetics where we hunt, but also proves to us that we are doing something right.

It's Our Culture

Hunters carry on Heritage. Hunters Encourage. Hunters Teach. Hunters Strive to be Better. Hunters Stick Together. Hunters Relive The Stories. Hunters are Family. You are Family.

We boast a very high returning hunter rate, and when we ask them why they keep coming back they all say the same thing…”This feels like family”. At Weksuko Falls Lodge we take pride in making your bear hunt more than just a hunt, it’s about the whole experience. It’s our culture.

You Deserve This!

Wolf Hunting

Northern Manitoba is primed with a healthy wolf population and Wekusko Falls Lodge is located deep inside the midst of it all. This fall, plan to join our personable and professional guides for a chance to harvest the elusive Wolf with help from the professional and personable Hunting Outfitting Guides at Wekusko Falls (Hunting) Lodge.

In the fall, we target the wolves using baits and lake shore/trail scouting. This can be an exciting yet very challenging hunt. Whether you desire to participate in a Wolf Hunt as a stand-alone service or as an add-on to your current bear-hunting experience we would be happy to set you up and take you on the hunting experience of a lifetime

Rates & Packages

All prices are in USD funds. Gratuities are NOT included.

Nature Enhancement Fund Fee included

Spring and Fall Black Bear Hunts

This is an all inclusive hunt that includes : cabin accommodation, hunting and fishing license, guide and hunting transportation, skinning, meat deboning and freezing, boat and motor w/fuel, and 3 full meals a day.

Wolf Hunts

Wolf hunts can be packaged with fall bear hunting, or can be done on their own. The number of baits will vary the price. Call for a quote or details.

This Fall or Winter

Now offering Winter hunts. Winter hunts are done over bait, and generally done with rifle with longer shots.

Timber wolves are by nature, extremely elusive. There’s no way around it if you want a wolf, you must put your time in. But with our knowledge of how these big meat eaters work, we will do everything we can to make sure you are situated on active wolf sites. We take a very limited amount of hunters which keeps your success rate high. We offer hunts in the fall (can be packaged with bear), or we can do a stand-alone wolf hunt in the fall, as well as in the winter!

Inclusive Package Without Meals


Non Hunters

$1,000 USD

Draw Blood Fee

Every camp has a policy for the worst feeling and situation, a wounded animal. No hunter ever wants to go through this, but sometimes it happens. Most hunting camps are “draw blood and the hunt is done”. We exhaust all options in an effort into tracking and retrieving your bear, as we feel that is the ethical and right thing to do. However, if we are unable to recover the bear, the hunter has 2 choices. The hunting aspect of the trip can either be considered complete, or a fee of $1000 can be added to the cost of the hunt. This fee allows the hunter to continue their quest of harvesting a Black Bear.